Individual Flow Solutions

WorkInFlow offers a range of solutions to bring about the conditions necessary to achieve INDIVIDUAL FLOW.

Individual Flow Solutions

Individual Flow would be in evidence when a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile.

Optimal experience is thus something an individual makes happen.

Many organisations are recognising that as the rate of change in the world of work continues to accelerate, the need to invest in the capabilities of their people is greater than ever.

More than any other resource, it is people that will create and sustain competitive advantage.


Individual Flow Solutions

Our Solutions to bring about the conditions necessary to achieve Individual Flow

Individual Development

If you find yourself typically focusing more on the essential day-to-day operations and pay less attention to longer-term activities perceived as having a less certain or immediate return, employee development may be less of a priority than it should be in your business. The loss of talent is a substantial cost for any organisation. Studies conducted have shown that many early exits are fueled by dissatisfaction with employee-development efforts. On-the-job training only (which is more frequently addressed) is not sufficient. Employees who believe their development is a priority, and feel supported in shaping the future direction of their career, feel that they really matter! They are more loyal, engaged and productive.

If you have identified the need to invest more in developing your talent in order to maximise the contribution each person makes to the organisation, contact us to find out more about our individual development initiatives.

To identify development needs, we use a wide range of occupational and psychometric assessments that assess personality, behaviour, emotional intelligence, abilities, integrity, competence.

Unique to our service offering is the assessment of capability and potential (using the CPA and IRIS), which indicates the nature of work that a person is best suited for currently, and how his/her potential is likely to develop over time. Our development plans therefore address immediate development needs, but also provide information on how best to develop individuals over the medium- to long- term to ensure they remain in flow (and are neither under-utilised or over-extended), and are developed in the right way to achieve their full potential.

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Leadership Development

Not only is “leadership” the number one talent issue facing organisations today, but the leaders of today are faced with many new leadership challenges (if we consider globalisation and the speed and breadth of technological change and development).

If your identified need is to develop self-directed leaders who are clear about their authorities and accountabilities, and are able to create optimal conditions for decision-making, and you have understood the importance of developing leadership pipelines at all levels in your organisation, contact us to find out more about our leadership development programs and services.

WorkInFlow has the expertise and tools to scientifically and objectively identify leadership potential, assist leaders in developing and achieving their potential (converting “inherent” potential into “actualised” potential), and equip leaders with the skills / behaviours they need to lead more effectively. Our approach to leadership development is people-centric – we assess the quality of various working relationships necessary for success, and equip leaders to develop and maintain these. We give leaders insight into providing the necessary conditions for optimal performance.

We are able to customise leadership development programmes based on your requirements.

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To assist individuals with their development, we offer coaching programmes which are based on the Results Coaching System. This method draws from contemporary neuroscience, positive psychology, adult learning theory, and systems and change theories. It is process-focused and outcome driven, and aims to improve an individual’s underpinning thinking.

Employee Wellbeing

We offer a wide range of training programmes that address emotional intelligence, resilience, health and safety, engagement – all aimed at addressing and enhancing the wellbeing of employees, and ultimately performance.

Our programmes can be tailor-made to meet your needs, and can also incorporate occupational assessments to maximise the learning opportunity.

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Our Other Flow Solutions

Enterprise Flow Solutions

Enterprise flow would be in evidence when as a whole, it is able to stretch its capacity to accomplish goals that exceed the expectations of it.

Optimal experience is thus something leadership, teams and individuals would make happen.

A healthy “Enterprise” refers to:

  • A well-defined business ambition that is aligned to the broader competitive environment and economic realities;
  • An effective organisational structure that matches the purpose and business ambition;
  • Business goals that are translated into targets and objectives for each function, business area, unit and individual;
  • Effective and efficient systems, process and procedures that are aligned to the current and future business reality / goals, and are continuously improving

Team Flow Solutions

Team Flow would be in evidence when a team is stretched to its limits in a committed effort to exceed expectations of it in accomplishing its agreed goals.

Optimal experience is thus something the teams and individuals would make happen.

Teams are generally put together in order to combine the knowledge and expertise of the individual team members. The ultimate objective is to use the individual strengths of the team members to gain greater strategic thinking and enhanced creativity in business solutions.

Team effectiveness ultimately affects either the bottom line of the organisation, or its business relationships.

When teams are in flow, they are aligned to a common purpose and work collaboratively and innovatively to produce superior results.

Looking to identify Individual Team Enterprise Potential?

WorkInFlow is the preferred provider of BIOSS technologies in Australasia

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