Assessment Services

We offer a comprehensive, integrated assessment service, the results of which can be interpreted and applied across the entire HR value chain.

The purpose of assessment is to make inferences about people in the workplace – to learn about another person in order to inform others how they are currently functioning or are likely to function in the future. Assessments are also generally used to identify the logical, relevant developmental needs of a company’s workforce.

Assessing for the sake of assessing leads to unnecessary expenditure, but more importantly, can often do more harm than good. As part of our service offering, we assist you to select the most appropriate and relevant assessment tool(s) / technique(s) – those that will best meet the need identified, the purpose of the assessment, and other factors such as budget, logistics, and time. Registered psychologists provide a professional and integrated assessment of the results obtained, and will interpret these to assist you in making better informed and objective recruitment and selection, development, succession planning / talent management decisions.

WorkInFlow is certified and accredited in the use of a wide range of occupations assessments:


These technologies are designed to assess an individual’s inherent potential and capability. To perform optimally in a particular role, an individual’s current inherent capability needs to match the challenges of that role – it is the decision-making capability that comes into play in unfamiliar, volatile or ambiguous situations where we do not, and cannot, know what to do.

Our capability suite of tools help our clients answer the following questions:

  • Are you confident about the quality of decision-making in your team / organisation?
  • Do you have the right capability on your organisation to deliver on your strategy now and in the future?
  • Do you have an accurate picture of the capability in your organisation, or is there hidden talent? (wasted resources)
  • Are you appointing or promoting the best possible candidates into vacant roles?
  • Do you have insight into who your high-potential employees are, and their aspirations? Are they possible flight risks?
  • Are you developing your people in the right way, at the right pace, or are you finding it difficult to keep them engaged and retain them?
Our capability suite of tools are:
  • Career Path Appreciation (CPA)
  • Modified Career Path Appreciation (MCPA)
  • Initial Recruitment Interview Schedule (IRIS)

Tools used

Behaviour and Personality

  • Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) 
  • DiSC 
  • Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) 
  • Elite Personality Profile (EPP)
  • Saville Wave

Tools used

Wellbeing, Motivation and Engagement

  • Flow and Engagement Survey
  • Wellbeing Indicator 
  • Motivation Questionnaire
  • Values and Motives Inventory
  • iREAP

Tools used

Learning Potential

  • Apil B (or TRAM for blue-collar workers)

Tools used

Integrity and Safety

  • Integrity Profile (IP200)
  • IMI
  • Elite Character Profile (ECP)
  • Elite Safety Profile (ESP)
  • Dependability and Safety Instrument (DSI)

Tools used

Emotional Intelligence

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ 2.0)

Tools used

Cognitive Ability, Aptitude and Competence

  • Verify and other Ability Assessments
  • Elite Intellectual Profile (EIP)
  • Situational Judgement Tests
  • Our simulation exercises are unique in that they have been developed against the Matrix of Working Relationships (MWR) Framework. The competencies we assess through simulation exercises are therefore aligned to the MWR, and assess individuals against the right level of work complexity. The results of the simulation exercises will provide a good idea of how an individual is likely to perform if hired. We can offer off-the-shelf exercises, or design customised exercises for our clients.  Simulation exercises:
    • Case Study (for executive levels – Strategic Development Theme of Work).
    • Case Study (for middle to senior management positions – Practice Theme of Work)
    • In-tray / written exercise (for professionals or junior management positions – High Service Theme of Work)
    • In-tray (for Supervisory positions -Service Theme of Work)
    • Role Play (different exercises for Service, Practice and Strategic Development Themes of Work)
    • Presentation (different exercises for Service, Practice and Strategic Development Themes of Work)

Tools used

Other diagnostic tools

  • Working Relationships Appreciation (WRA)
  • Virtual Team Appreciation (VTA)
  • ELDI 360-assessment
  • Surveys

Tools used

WorkInFlow is the preferred provider of BIOSS technologies in Australasia

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