Based on research that started in the mid-1940s, it is one of the most comprehensive and useful models of organisational behaviour and dynamics currently available.

The Matrix of Working Relationships (MWR) ©BIOSS is based on Stratified Systems Theory, developed by Elliot Jaques.

WorkInFlow is proud to be part of the international network making these powerful technologies accessible to organisations that are focused upon sustaining and enhancing their competitiveness into the 21st century.

The MWR model identifies seven themes of work, differentiated on the basis of complexity and time-span of decision-making. No theme is more important than another, and each provides a unique contribution to the flow of work within organisations.

In terms of WorkInFlow’s service offering, we would apply the MWR theory to achieve the following:

· Assess the structural effectiveness of an organisation:
· Review job profiles for the structure, which are levelled according to the different themes of work:
· Assess human capital readiness to operate at the different themes of work

The Matrix

can be viewed as a whole or divided into three parts

Operational Matrix

The themes of

  • Quality at theme I,
  • Service at theme II, and
  • Practice at theme III

all have to do with the operational functioning of any business.

The focus is on adding value for the present, and results become apparent within a time horizon of less than two years.

Organisational Matrix

The themes of

  • Strategic Development at theme IV and
  • Strategic Intent at theme V

have to do with the setting out of the strategic intent of organisations and the development of this intent into practical operational objectives.

The focus is on longer-term objectives of the organisation, and time horizons can stretch up to ten years.

Strategic Matrix

The themes of

  • Corporate Citizenship at theme VI and
  • Corporate Prescience at theme VII

have to do with sustained viability of organisations for future generations, with time frames that may exceed 25 years.

WorkInFlow is the preferred provider of BIOSS technologies in Australasia

Looking to identify Individual Team Enterprise Potential?

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