Enterprise Flow Solutions

WorkInFlow offers a range of solutions to bring about the conditions necessary to achieve ENTERPRISE FLOW.

Enterprise Flow Solutions

Enterprise flow would be in evidence when as a whole, it is able to stretch its capacity to accomplish goals that exceed the expectations of it.

Optimal experience is thus something leadership, teams and individuals would make happen.

A healthy “Enterprise” refers to:

  • A well-defined business ambition that is aligned to the broader competitive environment and economic realities;
  • An effective organisational structure that matches the purpose and business ambition;
  • Business goals that are translated into targets and objectives for each function, business area, unit and individual;
  • Effective and efficient systems, process and procedures that are aligned to the current and future business reality / goals, and are continuously improving

Enterprise Flow Solutions

Our Solutions to bring about the conditions necessary to achieve Enterprise Flow

Organisational Health Audit

We provide a consulting service to assess the health of your organisation in terms of flow. Our customised solutions are designed to address gaps in current performance, and prepare and position your organisation for the future.

Some of our related products and services:

Organisational structure design and review / organisational restructure

How your organisation is designed, determines how it performs. If you wish to improve organisational performance, a change in organisational design is a requirement. Are you confident that your organisational structure is fit-for-purpose and aligned to your business ambition? It is not possible to carry out business operations without a well-defined structure. An effective structure positively affects productivity and economic efficiency. It encourages clear communication across company lines, and has clearly defined levels of authority. Intangible effects include employees’ loyalty, motivation and job satisfaction, all which ultimately impact operational effectiveness. Contact us to find out more about the services we offer to assess and improve the effectiveness of your organisational structure to enable you to achieve current business goals. If you are concerned about the future relevance of your organisational structure, inquire about how we can support you in preparing and positioning your organisation for your preferred future. Our organisational design work is done against the backdrop of the Matrix of Working Relationships Framework. Some of our related products and services:

Talent Management

If your identified need is to improve the performance of your organisation and reduce unnecessary HR costs by:

  • placing the right people in the right jobs at the right time so that they can meet and exceed performance standards;
  • developing, nurturing and retaining your top talent instead of losing your best employees to your competitors;
  • reducing wastage, absenteeism and accidents through a committed, motivated and engaged workforce;
  • identifying potential and developing a talent pipeline to enable you to meet current and future business needs;
    …….then contact us to learn more about our talent management solutions.

To ensure you recruit the best talent, we provide scientific and objective input to “confirm your gut-feel” and select the best person with the right capability and potential, who is the best fit for the role and your organisation culture.
To assist you with the growth and development of your people, we use a wide range of occupational assessments to identify gaps in performance and recommend development plans.
Assessing the commitment, motivation and engagement of staff informs retention strategy.

Unique to WorkInFlow are our capability and potential technologies, which are administered to provide a “snapshot” (Organisational Map) of your talent. The information gleaned from this map can be used to answer questions like:

  • Who are the high flyers?
  • Who can be fast-tracked?
  • Who has management potential?
  • Who is currently under-utilised / over-extended?
  • How can staff be effectively deployed, both now and in the future, to ensure good people-job fit?
  • What training is required?
  • Do you have the right capacity to meet the strategic objectives of the business both now and in the future? If not, where are the gaps?

Some of our related products and services:

Competency Development

​If you are experiencing some difficulty connecting workforce success to your strategic initiative, and/or are finding it challenging to monitor progress towards strategy execution, this could be indicative of the need to identify and collect the right measures for human resource success, leadership and workforce behaviours, workforce competencies, and workforce culture and mindset. Speak to us about our competency development solutions. A competency framework is a model that broadly defines the expected standard of performance within an organisation. A well-crafted framework can provide a common language which can be used to review, evaluate and develop the performance of individuals, teams, and organisations. WorkInFlow can assist you in the development of a competency framework. This can be applied to identify the key competencies required for each position, and the behaviour indicators required to assess individual effectiveness against these key competencies. The competencies designed are benchmarked against the Matrix of Working Relationships Framework

Change Management

Our Change Management model focuses on assisting organisations and individuals to deal with the complexity created by change, enabling the organisation to return to (or create) a condition where individuals experience flow, resulting in increased performance and engagement. Some of our related products and services: Brain-based Change Management​.

Our Other Flow Solutions

Team Flow Solutions

Team Flow would be in evidence when a team is stretched to its limits in a committed effort to exceed expectations of it in accomplishing its agreed goals.

Optimal experience is thus something the teams and individuals would make happen.

Teams are generally put together in order to combine the knowledge and expertise of the individual team members. The ultimate objective is to use the individual strengths of the team members to gain greater strategic thinking and enhanced creativity in business solutions.

Team effectiveness ultimately affects either the bottom line of the organisation, or its business relationships.

When teams are in flow, they are aligned to a common purpose and work collaboratively and innovatively to produce superior results.

Individual Flow Solutions

Individual Flow would be in evidence when a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile.

Optimal experience is thus something an individual makes happen.

Many organisations are recognising that as the rate of change in the world of work continues to accelerate, the need to invest in the capabilities of their people is greater than ever.

More than any other resource, it is people that will create and sustain competitive advantage.

WorkInFlow is the preferred provider of BIOSS technologies in Australasia

Looking to identify Individual Team Enterprise Potential?

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