Organisational Role Appreciation (ORA) ©BIOSS is an online role profiling system, based on the Matrix of Working Relationships (MWR) ©BIOSS .

The ORA provides the following information:

  • Purpose and accountabilities of a role, via freeform capture
  • Theme of Work (as per the MWR), estimated through a series of questionnaires
  • Role profiles, created through a series of questionnaires
  • Points-rating, if required for job measurement
  • Job description output to Microsoft Word
  • Easy customisation of all text
  • Skills inventory and knowledge catalogue facility
  • “What ifs” to support organisational planning
  • Output to personnel records systems as defined by the client.
A software-based approach to role design, ORA enables the user to develop detailed profiles for each role in the organisation, including purpose, accountabilities, level of complexity, and capability requirements for individuals performing the role. Once this information has been mapped across the organisation, it can support recruitment, training, development, succession planning and organisation design.

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